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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Inspiration for the Day

Alright for those of you who are new to my lovely little blog, I've a huge soft spot for music. It is my muse, my release, my energy. Okay that sounded totally hokey but I do love music. It is an essential part of my writing. So every now and then I post new songs that catch my ear. Songs that will most likely make it to my playlists for inspiration. So of course I have to share all of you. :D I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think!!!


Nicole said...

ooooo! I like it! Its so happy!

C.M. Villani said...

It is! plus he hasn't come out with anything good in a while!

I'm dying to post up the video of Gwyneth Platrow's version of "Forget You". Its just as fun!!

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