"Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia." ~E.L. Doctorow

About Me

As a wife and mother of two, who also holds down a part time job, there isn't a lot of spare time left over. But in what little time I do have, I am striving to become a published author, and I do mean striving. That title does not come easily.

Approximately two years ago, I started writing the novel that I intended to launch my career with. It was entitled, The Plains of Purgatory - a YA paranormal romance. It was to be one in a series of at least four novels. After going through the whole writing process - ie. writing the manuscript and then editing the bajeepers out of it (and yes that is a technical term) I sent out a round of queries. For those of you unfamiliar with the publishing world, a "query" is a one page letter that you send out to agents pitching them your story. Every agent has a different set of guidelines so every query packet you send out is almost guaranteed to be unique.

Anyway, the first round of queries came up bust. Not one nibbled. So I sent out another, and another. I had a few requests for partials but nothing came of any of them. It was a disillusioning blow, but hey! that is what the publishing world is all about. There is some horrible percentage out there ...something like 97% of all manuscripts sent to agents fail but it is that 3% that I want to be in.

So I shelved my first manuscript and took the dive again. I'm in the middle of my second WIP (Work in Progress) entitled, The Touch of Death. This one is also a paranormal story (I'm seeing a trend here). But I haven't decided fully what type of paranormal it will be yet - romance probably. But I'm truly excited about it. We'll see if this one gets me further than the last but I always have my fingers crossed.