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Sunday, December 26, 2010

As the outline turns...

Well I promised I would keep you guys posted on the progress of my outline. If you remember started one for my current WIP - The Touch of Death. (Yes I finally came up with a new title that I like! What do you guys think?) Anyway, I have to say I'm really enjoying it.

See one of the problems/quirks with my writing process is that I constantly have new ideas for certain scenes - the ones that I've already written - how I want to change them, what no longer works and/or a waaaaaaay better idea then I had originally. So while I'm trying to flush out the new scenes, I'm also second guessing the previous ones which gets a bit cumbersome. Trying to keep track of everything and still make progress is a whole lot harder than it might seem to someone outside the writing world. :) I know you guys hear me though.

That being said, now that I'm going back to outline the story I can insert the other ideas that I had nagging at me while I was trying to write the new sections. And just getting them out - even if they are only in the bare-bones version - helps me in ways I can't explain.

I guess the best way to put it is - organization. I will fully admit I am so not an organized person. Not that I'm a chaotic mess either (although I can hear my mother contesting that one right now) but sometimes trying to keep all the details, and characters progressions, and storylines twists and turns perfectly clear is a bit daunting. And writing the outline is a great big help.

So as of right now I have to say outlining has some major bonuses for a writer like me. I can't say that I will always make one out - in fact chances are, I probably won't until I get stuck, but I have to say I like having that tool in my back pocket for when things do get confusing.

Conclusion: a gold star for outlines. :D


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