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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Nightmare Scenario

Well the nightmare scenario for any writer has happened. My brand new laptop has had a heart attack. Seriously this thing is less than a month and a half old and the OS system has been corrupted.

According to the evil computer company, my only option is to reload the OS which will erase everything on my laptop, ie. my wip will be gone. And any of my other manuscripts that I stored on there.
So the reason for my post, you ask? You mean besides wanting to yell and complain about the evil company that makes crap for computers? A word of warning to you writers out there.
Please, for the love of Pete. Flash drives, portable hard drives, another computer, something - just back it up. For your own sanity.
Luckily, I have the majority of my manuscripts backed up on a flashdrive and a portable hard drive as well because of past experiences. I will probably just lose the last round of edits which luckily enough wasn't anything too important as far as I can remember. But I did want to warn you guys because no matter how much you don't think it will happen to you ...it will. And when it does nothing is as heart wrenching as losing all your work. So cover your butt and make a backup file. :)


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