"Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia." ~E.L. Doctorow

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We authors are a weird bunch.

Okay I just had to say it, but let me expain before you start yelling at me for being rude.

So I was having a conversation with my best friend and she asked me how my writing was going. To which I said, it was going very well. I loved the new character that I flushed out. And the dialogue was just flowing fabulously. All in all, it was great! (which it hasn't been for a while)

Then this exact sentence came out of my mouth, and I realized exactly how odd we writers are in general. I said, "I finally figured out how to kill them! Its going to be great and I can't wait!!"

Yup..... just let that sentence sink in for a second.

Hahaha. I then proceded to say "Geez, if anyone who didn't know me, just read that they would think I was a murderous psychopath!" Where else could you get away with saying that and not have the police busting down your door. :D

So have you every said or done something in regards to your writing that suddenly struck you as being sincerely weird?

Inspiration: This man just screams Summertime so I decided I needed to share a few.


Kelly Hashway said...

Only writers can understand why we like to torture our beloved characters. It makes for good writing and good reading!

Annie Boreson said...

Killing characters is part of the amusement. You can't do it in real life, but man, can your characters take some pretty incredible hits. One of mine just got run over by a train wrestling to free himself from his hospital gown, and on my latest blog post one of the main characters freezes to death in a boxcar full of chicken parts bound for Wisconsin. Writers have to have some fun!

MuMuGB said...

OMG you are so cruel with your characters! When I have to torture one of my own characters I feel so bad that I can't talk about it. You are right. We are a bit weird!

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Hahahaha! Can I steal your line and make it into a t-shirt??? :D Weirdness is a job requirement.

Claudine Gueh said...

When one of my characters die, I feel a deep sense of loss, especially when it's my protagonist's daughter or sister or someone! I know her death will be necessary for the story though ... So a part of me feels sad, another feels guilty for life, yet another feels justified. Oh dear!

C.M. Villani said...

Kelly - agreed. :D

C.M. Villani said...

Annie - Hahaha. Damn, girl, you are creative with your deaths. :D

Although, running a car with two of your main characters in it off a cliff by a run-away mack truck crashing into it - Yeah I think that's pretty spectacular if not a little sadistic. :D

C.M. Villani said...

Muriel – Oh trust me, I do have deaths where I actually get weepy and keep whispering to the computer screen "I’m sorry...I'm sorry...I'm sorry."

But this one was a good death. It is a transitional part of the storyline.

C.M. Villani said...

Sam - hahaha. Actually I think you should! I would definately buy one :D

C.M. Villani said...

Claudine - I hear you. They definately pull on a writer's heartstrings but without them our stories wouldn't nearly be a good.

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