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Monday, May 23, 2011


Lately, my kiddos have been heavy into the Harry Potter movies (well the first three - too young for the later ones) and today, we were watching the bonus footage for Chamber of Secrets. There was an interview with JK Rowling and Steve Kloves, the screen writer.

And it hit me just how much she inspires me as a writer. No not because of the whole rags to riches story (that sort of success is a one and a million shot), but because the fact that she was a normal person, a mom, and she became one of the most successful authors in history. It took her 10 years to finally land an agent, and that whole time she never gave up on the story. She kept crafting it, kept perfecting her skills and the story. And that's what inspired me. Her devotion.

What about you guys? Which author inspires you?

Your ExLover is Dead by Stars

Sing by My Chemical Romance (For Japan)


Kelly Hashway said...

It's always inspiring to hear stories of writers who stuck with it and found success. J.K. Rowlings story is definitely a good one in so many ways.

Nicole said...

oh how I love Your Ex-Lover is dead. Its just sooooooo fantastic!

Okay I will name the elephant in the room. Though that is another Fantastic song, its not what I am referring to... Stephenie Meyer's story gets me every time. Stay at home Mom turned global success yet still puts family first. Inspiring. Regardless of whether you like all the books or not.

CM Villani said...

Kelly - I really think it is. It serves as a reminder that even the highly sucessful authors are normal people too. They don't have a magicial secret or anything....just take it one page at a time like everyone else. :)

Nicole - great song!!! And yes Stephenie Meyer is also a great sucess story for a normal mom making it. Although he's is a little less realistic. She wrote Twilight in a couple months, sent it out a handful of queries and landed an agent right a way. Her's is more of a author fairy tale. :)

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