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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Brenda Novak's Charity Auction

Each year for the past 6 years, Brenda Novak has held an online Auction for Diabetes Research. Last year they raised over $280,000 for the charity. How great is that?

Now I know you are asking exactly why am I posting about this on my writer's blog? Just wait until you see the items that are up for auction! This is a writers/readers dream trust me!

They have ARC's, Published books, autographed books, e-girftcards to bookstores and publishing houses, and many more things.

(and this is where I get excited :D )

Just a few of the awesome things they have up for bid are...

  • Evaluation of your full manuscript for publication consideration by numerous agents.
  • Pitch sessions (face to face meetings) with agents
  • Proof reading services for your entire manuscript by a professional editor
  • Tickets to the Trident Media Party at RWA National Convention 2010
  • Lunch with a Vice President of Harloquin
  • Month long mentoring sessions by Bestselling authors
  • An Agent who will WRITE YOUR QUERY FOR YOU!!!
  • Original art work for your Book cover
  • An a whole lot more.

There are also a lot more items up for bidding outside those categories. I suggest you guys check it out. The money goes for a good cause and the items you could win are a once in a life time opportunity!


Nicole said...

HOLY CRAP! Are you bidding? That is some amazing stuff!

C.M. Villani said...

It is ....unfortunately the best stuff goes for a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars! :| Great for the charity but sucky for those of use with a budget to keep to.

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