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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Beginning

Hi There!

Welcome to my author's page. This blog is going to be dedicated to my adventures in writing. You see my dream is to become a published author one day, and it's a relatively new dream. When I was in college I minored in writing, not because I saw the possibility of becoming a novelist in my future but because I loved to write just for the fun of it.

It wasn't until my senior year while taking a creative writing class that the thought that I might actually be somewhat good at it occured to me. Every week, our assignment was to write a new story to be shared and critiqued by our classmates. One week I decided to write a chapter. It was just a beginning, a sample of the story yet to come but it was enough to spark something inside of me.

Everyone, including my professor, wanted to know more - wanted to see how it played out because they were hooked. That was when the thought occured to me that I just might have some talent in writing.

After college, life continued on. I was married, had two children, and a part time job. There was a pattern to my everyday life. A monotony I guess you could say. Not that I didn't love being a wife and a mother, but I wished for a little more. Something that was just for me. So I started writing. At first Fanfictions - as embarrassing as that is to say outloud. But its true. And it was fun. Other people online seemed to enjoy my stories. Again the spark hit and this time I listened.

I started writing my first manuscript -The Plains of Purgatory - a YA Paranormal Romance that was to be the first in a series. It took about a year to finish , then another 9 months of edits. Not a shocking thing since most writers revise their manuscripts a handful of times before they take the leap.

After that I started to query. The process was not a kind but that is life in the world of getting published. Sometimes your work takes off and sometimes it falls flat. Mine did the later.
So now I'm continuing on trying for something new. I'm in the midst of my second manuscript - The Bearers of Life (still not sure about that title but I digress). This one is like night and day compared to my last novel. The dialogue comes a 1000 times easier then it did with Purgatory but the world surrounding it has been taking a back seat to the two main characters. That is going to be something I need to flush out the first round of edits.

For those of you who are new to writing, the first round is pretty much going to be 2 demensional. It won't be until the editing process when the whole thing starts to get some definintion. I know it is weird - all you hear in online writers community is how much people loath the editing process, but I love it. I love it because that is when my story really comes alive.

Alright I think this is just about enough for my first post. I doubt anyone is going to get through the whole thing anyway. The posts in the furture are probably not going to be this long so don't worry.
I hope this blog has a long, and happy life....something will grow along with my dreams as they are realized.

But until then...


Nicole said...

I look forward to hearing all your writing adventures. I love that you have such a positive outlook! Post agiain soon CM.

Nicole said...

P.S Excellent layout!

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